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Pool Maintenance

Keeping your pool equipment in 100% working order WILL save you money in the long run.

Your pool equipment is an investment, like your car.  If there are issues that are not being resolved in a timely manner then you will have larger and more expensive items to replace in the future.  Blissful Waters Pool Care can provide you a detailed set of items that need to be replaced or repaired to help you achieve a optimal working pool.

Filter Clean

Seal kit replacements

Cleaner Repair

Get your filter cleaned yearly to prevent more expensive repairs

Servicing your filter every year will reduce debris in the pool, reduce the chance of leaks, lower equipment wear and tear, and significantly enhance your pools water clarity and safety.  Below are a few of the many steps taken during a routine cleaning.

Breakdown the filter

Clean filter media on-site

Inspect filter cartridges, grids, and o-rings

Replace any damaged parts (cost not included)

Reassemble filter and verify it is working correctly

Please contact us for more details.

Stop damaging your motor and wasting water

A leaking seal kit will damage your motor and will cost hundreds to replace. Fix your seal kit today for as little as $125 and save your $600 motor from having to be replaced.

Breakdown the motor from pump assembly

Remove impeller, seal plate, and worn seals

Replace all o-rings and seal kit

Inspect impeller, replace if needed (cost not included)

Reassemble pump and verify proper working PSI

Reduce debris and reduce your chlorine usage with a working cleaner

After years of use, cleaners sometimes become less efficient in their duties. Let us diagnose and repair your cleaner so you don’t have to replace your cleaner or live with a dirty pool.

Breakdown cleaner

Find damaged components

Replace damaged components (cost not included)

Reassemble cleaner and verify cleaner is working

Setup cleaner based on manufacture specifics