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San Antonio’s choice for professional pool services, maintenance, and repair

Pool Service

Our standard swimming pool and spa service includes weekly spa and pool cleaning of baskets, nets, and screens. We also include the necessary pool maintenance chemicals in all of our service levels!! You never have to buy basic chemicals again!!

Pool Maintenance

We have extensive experience providing San Antonio and surrounding areas with a wide variety of swimming pool maintenance & repairs to meet your family’s needs and budget.

Pool Maintenance

Cleaner Repair

After years of use, cleaners sometimes become less efficient in their duties. Let us diagnose and repair your cleaner so you don’t live with a dirty pool or have to replace it with a new one.

Cleaner Repairs

Professional Service

We provide service to residential and commercial accounts in: San Antonio (Central, North Central, North West, Sonterra), Spring Branch, and Boerne.  Full Service includes:

Empty all baskets (skimmers and pump)

Empty cleaner and check operation

Skim pool (surface and floor)

Brush walls and tile

Vacuum (as needed)

Check water balance

Deliver all needed chemicals for sanitation

Add chemicals safely

Backwash D.E.. and sand filters (as needed)

Clean single cartridge filters (as needed)

Check all equipment for proper operation

Leave a “Service Notification” for homeowner

Removal of pool debris away from home

Pool Service

Want Clear H2O?

With all 3 factors tied directly to the filter, you can see that it is one of the major items to be maintained regularly.  Funny, how it normally seems to be the last to be cleaned.

Filter Clean

A breakdown filter cleaning on a schedule is a must for the health of your pool and for the health of your family. Poor filtration causes a breeding ground for bacteria, shortens the life of your equipment, causes staining, and several other common issues. We can safely breakdown and repair your filter and save you hundreds.

Pool Safety Tips!

More Info

Clear water comes from 3 factors:  

1.  Circulation  2. Filtration  3. Sanitization

Create a Pool Safety Toolkit for your pool or spa.

Drownings are a preventable cause of death and injury for children. By putting proven safety processes into practice, your family will be much more secure in and around all pools.

*A pool safety toolkit to have near your pool or spa to ensure that if the worst happens, you are ready to respond.  What should be in a pool safety toolkit for your home pool or spa?  
1. A first aid kit;
2. A pair of scissors to cut hair, clothing or a pool cover, if needed;
3. A charged portable telephone to call 911
4. A flotation device

*a message

Pool Service

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